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Music Video制作には、国内外から蒐集した古いものや、作家作品を主として取り扱うセレクトショップ『MANSIKKA antiques』さんをディレクターに迎え、独自の世界観を表現してくれました。

uwanosora factory


オルタナティブな感性を持つKatoが生み出す実験的な音楽とchacoが書く想像を掻き立てる抽象的な詩は、大人に向けた幻想的な絵本のような世界観。 chacoのあどけなさと清らかさを感じる癒しボイスは唯一無二。


Husband and wife unit from Nara Prefecture. The experimental music produced by Kato, who has an alternative sensibility, and the abstract poetry written by chaco, which stirs the imagination, are like a fantastic picture book for adults. Chaco's soothing voice, which makes you feel some kind of sadness even in its innocentness, is unique.

chaco vocal / lyricist / painter

kato composer

IMG_4700 2.PNG
​1stシングル 「森のスターライト」




"Forest Starlight" with trees as human beings

I don't want to be buried in the forest (people).

Chaco's strong message that he wants to shine like himself is exactly the first single suitable for the start of his activities.

​2ndシングル 「星の降る夜に」



A sad and warm song with the theme of "forgetting". Also pay attention to the straightforward lyrics written by chaco, who was moved by the movie about Alzheimer's.

illustration by Chiho Abe​


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